Property Pin raises €13k so far for full page ad campaign

Once again the members of the Property Pin show how amazing they are at organising something. Sick of the lack of attention at the realities of the Irish property market, they’re putting their money where their mouth is and are raising money to buy full page ads in the Indo and the Irish Times.

This alone should get them a hell of a lot of media attention but I’d worry they won’t get the deserved attention if they don’t put a spokesperson forward. Til now they’ve mostly remained anonymous but if they want to do this to get maximum exposure they need their own Maurice Pratt of sorts. The media themselves will get a kicking if they are interviewing anonymous entities.

Go Pinsters!

Walker Road Demolition
Photo owned by Draco2008 (cc)

8 Responses to “Property Pin raises €13k so far for full page ad campaign”

  1. cw says:

    I’d keep my money in my pocket.

  2. JCD says:

    It might help if they said what they are campaigning for – do they want action, do they want the markets left alone to sort themselves out?

  3. dahamsta says:

    What’s “TOM”?

  4. Danny says:

    What are these people pissed about ? Someone clarify please.

  5. Andy says:

    TOM is Tom Parlon, the head of the Construction Industry Federation. He was formerly a TD with the Progressive Democrats.

    They are annoyed that the vested interests (builders, estate agents, banks, media, etc…) over hyped the property market, pushing up prices dramatically. This created a bubble, which has just popped (hence the PIN). What annoys them most is the imbalance in the media. Mostly papers print storys from one side only, about how property prices can only go up, now is the time to buy, etc…. (Property advertising contributed 15% of the Indos profits in 2007).

    So they want to highlight the otherside, the cold hard facts.

  6. JCD says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Andy.

    Still, it would seem to me that everyone, including members of the media, were acutely aware of the bubble and that it was about to break and are now reflecting this.

    Pick up any newspaper at present and it’s one horror story after another when it comes to property so it leaves me wondering do PIN want more reporting on how this was allowed to happen in the first place or what?

  7. dahamsta says:

    Thanks Andy! Well on the Property Pin gang!