Fluffy Links – Thursday September 4th 2008

Congrats to Nooked and their new shopping widget.

FBD Insurance are on Twitter. Welcome folks!

Minister Eamon Ryan to use Bebo and Facebook for consultation feedback? Read that and how eircom had a barney with him about speeds at campbell’s blog.

Speaking of Bebo. It seems it can’t be stopped, even in Irish prisons. Hah. I think that’s good in a way. It should be hard to stop access to the Internet.

eWrite messenger now supports Toddle newsletter templates.

Staying with eWrite, Gordon did some stats on a Facebook campaign he ran for the Web Awards, seeing uptake on the ads he ran.

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is now free to download or read online. Great book and fun TV series.

Clever. HP are selling some of their latest notebooks without packaging. They come in messenger bags instead. Great idea.

Terry – TED-like talks but done by college students. Please please please do one in Ireland. Students only. Not the academics!

Steven Johnson gives Palin 3 weeks before she’s kicked out. D’ya think?

Some firefighting photo, this.

Using humans to get around blocks made for robots. Seems that it costs $0.002 to solve a CAPTCHA. (those horrible text box from things that are hard to read)

From Terry: Things to avoid when publicly speaking:

13 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday September 4th 2008”

  1. Got to disagree with you on the internet access thing for prisoners. Piece on the radio yesterday about some prisoners using mobile phones to organise gun shipments. Things would be worse if there was free access to the internet.

  2. Gordon says:

    Woohoo, 2 Fluffy links in one day! Thanks Damien.

  3. I would agree with you Damien, that there should be freedom to the internet and freedom to expression… but there is a dark side to Bebo: There is a big trend now in schools towards “Bebo-Bullying”… Harsh, hurtful and even really damaging rumours are being posted on Bebo… and because of the nature of Bebo these comments cannot be removed easily. To kids and teenagers this can be so destructive… for life!

  4. Love Love Love Neverwhere…. just gave my copy to a friends 14 yr old daughter.

  5. Sinéad says:

    I just bought Neverwhere last week! Meh, I like the book in hand better anyway.

  6. Darren says:

    Re: Palin. The religious right base is fired up. There is no way that she is removed from the ticket, and removed she would have to be, as she will not resign. It would be suicide for McCain to remove her now, unless there is video and multiple verifiable pictures of her killing grandmas with a moose hunting rifles. Her speech was red meat to the crowd.

  7. Tom Murphy says:


    Just to let you know, we also created a Microsoft Ireland Twitter feed to provide a single location for updates, news and blog posts from Microsoft in Ireland.



  8. NaRocRoc says:

    That firefighter photo is stunning, great link Damien!

  9. Fergus Burns says:

    Hi Damien

    Thanks for the mention

    Just did a blog post – expanding on the use of widgets in advertising – http://www.nooked.com/2008/9/5/widgets-and-sell-side-advertising

    Best regards

  10. […] actual page is Damien Mulley Blog Archive Fluffy Links – Thursday September 4th 2008 __________________ Forbairt Media | Web Design & Development Galway / Dublin, Ireland – […]

  11. Dan O'Neill says:

    Also have to disagree with you about access to the internet while in prison. These people already have an easy enough time for their crimes. They’re not in there for being nice to people. In most cases they’re the scum of the earth and should have no access to anything like internet, TV, etc.

  12. Damien says:

    To the slow ones down the back: I never said prisoners should have access to Bebo.