Operation Free Flow – anti-M50 toll campaign website

Operation Free Flow

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A new web campaign has started to fight the “toll free” toll on the M50.

Some of their suggested steps are here which should cause disruption but not on the M50:

3 Step Pay Guide
Support M50 eToll O.F.F. Campaign, by following 3 steps
Step 1: Do not purchase or use any prepay options.
Step 2: Use the M50 as normal.
Step 3: Pay via the telephone service by Dialing 1890 50 10 50 at exactly 7.45pm the following day.

6 Responses to “Operation Free Flow – anti-M50 toll campaign website”

  1. My understanding is that it isn’t easy to get through on the phone anyway, so phoning at 7.45 will probably annoy you more than it will annoy them. You’ll probably be on hold until 8.01 and then get fined!

  2. David says:

    Hi Peter,
    I think you are missing the point, yes, if everyone calls at the same time it wont be possible to get through. But the callers made their best efforts.
    Therefore fault is then with the company. Of course you could just alternatively roll over and take it, If that is what you prefer.

  3. I understand the aim, but I think the campaign will be ineffective unless it’s done by a very very large group, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    The company are ready to issue the fines and ready to bring people to court, and they won’t have any sympathy for the people.

    The best way to go forward is to use the petitions and posters they’ve designed, shout about the campaign and lobby your TD for support, but a no-pay campaign won’t work unless EVERYONE does it.

  4. Paddy says:

    How about a ‘sit-in’ protest at the toll, blocking the road for, say, an hour.

    Repeat and escalate each week.

    Peaceful, democratic protest. (At least the cops won’t baton charge a thousand cars!)

  5. Chris says:

    As the Local Elections are almost upon us each 0f us should make it plain to our representative’s that they will not receive your vote if the tolls remain.
    The one currency the politicos hate to lose is power.
    The opposition parties should also be told that the vote in their favour is purely temporary and continued support is dependant on their commiting to removing the toll.
    E-mail each of yours representatives. Dail and local.

    To Govt Party members.

    Your party will not receive any votes from me in the upcoming elections or subsequent elections as long as the M50 toll remains in place.

    To Opposoition Party members.

    Your Party will receive my vote in the upcoming election. This support is dependant on a clear commitment by your party to abolish the M50 toll.

    The more people who do it the more likely we are of success

  6. David says:

    Hi, There are some great suggestions there. I know what you mean Peter No body wants to stick their neck out first. In the meantime it can’t hurt to get this message out send it to friends and family, If enough people see it eventually it will reach the tipping point. Then there will be safety in numbers. Unfortunately with the current global recession and property price drops at the moment, people are going to hurt. So If there were ever a time for this campaign to catch on its now. Im not sure about the sit in protest, I can see people gettting rear-ended and or arrested. But I think a “drive slow” protest would be rather effective. everyone goes into first and slows everything up. I dont think you would be charged for that.