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380,000 pensioners’ details were on that missing laptop

Monday, August 11th, 2008

So RTE says that laptop which was actually nicked/lost last year had 380,000 social welfare records on it. Holy shit.

Adrian will no doubt say that the data will never be accessed so it’s nothing to worry about. A granny in Kerry probably has the data, right?

While a junkie indeed might see a laptop valued at 50 quid and sell it on, where it ends up is another thing. Criminals are getting far more sophisticated in these matters as can be seen by the daily phishing attacks on banks, paypal and eBay in Ireland. There are enough gangs of criminals in Ireland into credit card theft and cloning now. Look at the Irish retailer website that got done over. It transpires that the criminals who had the credit card details waited months before trying out siphoning money from the cards.

I think I’d be more concerned with the data on that laptop than the fact that there are eircom modems in use by businesses. Which if cracked into could lead clever criminals to crack other passwords that may eventually lead them into gaining access to point of sales systems. That’s if the POS systems are connected to the same network as wireless modems. And no encryption is used for transmitting credit card details to the verifying server.

I’d be wondering why it took 16 months for this monumental fuck-up to be disclosed. Why are people are only being informed now? Why are banks are only being involved now? Why so long? Why was it not deemed a priority and why is it now an issue if it wasn’t for 16 months?

I’d also wonder how long the Data Protection Commissioner knew of the extent of this information? A few days, weeks, months, a year?

Other views: Brian, Digital Rights Ireland.

Business Blogging – Trained the trainers

Monday, August 11th, 2008

This Saturday as promised I did a free training session for people who wanted (or were pushed into) to train people on Business Blogging. The training session was in the Cork Airport International Hotel. A very funky hotel. One I like a lot if you’ve read any of my previous posts. I think most people were impressed by it. Amazing decor. A big thank you too to the Mercer Group who gave me the room for free and layed on (that sounded dirty) provided scones and tea and coffee for us, again without charge.

Cork Airport Hotel
(Photo by Sabrina)

I’m actually going to use the hotel for future training events in Cork because the surroundings are so nice and there’s free wifi all over the hotel too for everyone, not just those giving the presentations or those staying there. Likewise I’ll use the Radisson SAS in Dublin again for training classes as the place is gorgeous and the service from the staff is exceptional.

So we now have 10 people who I hope to see in the next while also giving Business Blogging training and given the majority are bloggers themselves and know their stuff, this growing area will be high quality from the start. Nice way of smothering the cowboys.

Photo owned by jotterblog (cc)

I also promised that I’d open source my training material and so I shall. I’ll be stick all of it on my business website in the next month or thereabouts.

Sabrina has blogged about it and a great conversation was had about what content is good for a blog, what people will allow and won’t allow as readers and what engages and what bores. I think for BarCamp Cork there should be a few quick unconference type talks where people contribute things like that. “Topics for good blog posts”, “Startup cheap tips” etc.

Fluffy Links – Monday August 11th 2008

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I think you should read this. The Secret Fire. Such a wonderful blog post. Maybe send it on to more friends too and link to it.

New Blog: Suedehead’s Emporium.

I never realised Brendan was blogging over here. I was subbed to his other blog.

Another new to me blog: And from these ashes

Via Stephen. This video demo of the dog-like robot freaked me out. It’s just so alive-like but headless. Mad.

A great example of how to get your company in the news with a simple survey.

I’m not so sure is this iPhone holder stylish or actually nerdish. Too pocket protector for me.

Jesus Christ. It’s an attachable snout for shaving.

Via Today’s Big Thing and everywhere else: Slow Mo Camera films lightning

Feck Apple, have a pear.

AT-AT and the Nazis.

Adam and PaulJoe do the new James Bond theme:
Adam’s go:

Joe’s go:

I want the 3G iPhone less now

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Firstly, have you seen yet more bad treatment of potential customers by O2 experience stores? So a few more phones go on sale online early tomorrow and I was considering getting one but maybe not now.

Not now that I upgraded the iPhone I bought last December in Palo Alto and unlocked and got working in Ireland. I added a data package to my existing cheap phone package and was all happy with the phone until the 3G model came out. Today though as I said, I upgraded the firmware to 2.0 using the PWNage tool (btw the Windows version sucks and fails to work) and now I have many of the features that the 3G phone has and I have access to the Appstore on iTunes.

I use my phone mostly for (and in this order) Email, Twitter, texts, the Web and calls. Email hasn’t changed with the firmware but the new version of Twinkle, the Twitter app is free on the Appstore and is fantastic and you can see from this screenshot:

Twinkle on the iPhone

The Nearby feature is better in this version too so you can see those you’re not connected to but are near you and are using Twinkle/Twitter. Lots more people in Cork are now on iPhones and using Twitter.

The new Facebook app for the iPhone is great too. A great little app that makes it even easier to use Facebook than their pretty slick web interface. I also have the WordPress App for the iPhone so I can update loads of my blogs on the phone and even write blog posts offline if I wish.

I already paid for an app too, as recommended by Enda Crowley. It’s the Tuner app and allows you to listen to Internet radio on the iPhone. So finally I can listen to Phantom 105.2 anywhere in the country or the world (via wifi). There are thousands of apps you can download for free or pay for on the App store and all this via a firmware upgrade.

Can’t get a new iPhone? Try and get one of the older ones.

Media Training – Thanks John Collins!

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Feedback so far on the Media Training class on Wednesday has been quite positive and I hope that those on the course will start popping up in the media more and more. They certainly have the products and knowledge to get themselves into the press.

A huge thanks to a very nice and helpful John Collins from the Irish Times who’s even busier these days as he’s acting Assistant Business Editor. He spoke to us for 30 minutes on how to work with him and journalists in general and what works and doesn’t work. Again, thanks John.

John Collins and Damien Mulley
Colin sent the above pic on. He suggested I photoshop myself to look like I’m interested. Oddly, when I’m paying real attention to something, I look like I’m tuned out. More on that in a later post.

I’ve been asked about the Cork one. There’s a difference between those who are interested and those who will pay for the course. I won’t train less than 10 and more than 12 people in a class. 6 have said they’ll actually attend. So let me know.

Fluffy Links – Friday August 8th 2008

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Facebook and Coca Cola. Changing the world?

Astronauts really keep their cool. Check this out.

Bread baked into looking like body parts.

Nabaztag now reads to your kids.

Via Kottke, How Buildings Learn TV series.
Episode 1

Jobs on 08/08/08 at 08:08

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Firstly, are looking for: are looking for a graduate or junior web developer to work in a fast paced interactive marketing team based in Dublin, Ireland.

Job Details.

A Dublin-based telco are also looking for a fulltime web dev. PHP, usual scripting etc. Email me for more details or I’ll email your details on to them.

Lastly. I’m looking for freelance/part-time copywriters for some blogs. to start with and then other blogs, possibly helping people/companies who are just starting their own business blogs. Apply within with subject Copywriter.

Go Team Ireland – Twitterfone 2 launches, SpoiltChild do Olympics

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Twitterfone V2 is out. Well done Pat Phelan and crew for delivering it just a few months since launch. I really love the video for it too which was put together by the Dial2Do folks who are also partners in Twitterfone. Launch, weigh reaction, iterate, weigh, iterate. Always iterating. A great way to run a service besides working on a project for years and years without releasing anything. (Slight disclaimer: I helped Twitterfone with their press release)

Also buala bos to Spoilt Child who did the design for RTE’s Olympics subsite.

The emotional, the inspirational, the practical

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Still a little time to nominate the Blog Post of the Month. Winner will be announced on Monday. Nomination form.

Fluffy Links – Thursday August 7th 2008

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

11. The BBC player goes to.

Piaras has fantastic tips for tech startups/tech SMEs.

Brilliant. Kilkenny County Council create a wiki for planning issues.

Ahhh David Norris. Always the vaudeville act.

This is cute.

Starbucks doesn’t seem to be doing well in Oz.

Garbage in…

Every bathroom needs this.

As blogs grow in audience, they take less risks. There are exceptions though.

Red Devil. Sky at night…

Scala and Kolacny Brothers – Friday I´m in Love