RTE’s Recipe For Success wants foodies to contribute

RTE Cork are currently in pre-production for a new food and business programme called Recipe for Success where they invite amateur cooks to submit their original recipe ideas. The best ideas will then be selected and participants will be invited to present their recipes to a well-respected Irish food businessman who will over several weeks select a winner. The winner will then have their product sold in the Supervalu.

The closing date for applications is 26th September 2008

Receipe for Success

For further information please email the show at recipeforsuccess@rte.ie

Or write to them at:
Recipe For Success?,
Father Mathew Street,

4 Responses to “RTE’s Recipe For Success wants foodies to contribute”

  1. Didn’t Channel 5 in the UK do the exact same thing with Tesco in the last 6 months? Has anyone ever compiled a list of these RTE rip-offs. It seems there are two or three every year.

  2. I wonder if they’d accept my recipe for pommes frites avec mayonnaise et un frisson de buerre, monte entre deux tranche de pain.

    It is usually served as a late evening snack, often accompanied by une verre de biere.

    Stick some bad pidgin french on any old muck and it sounds worth €20. A bit pricy for a chip butty and a can of stella.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Eh, Anthony, its called TV formatting, it happens all over the world…

  4. Jimmy… That doesn’t make it right. Does it? Not that its a morality issue for me. I just think this copy-catting of low risk/mediocre formats is stifling the flow of genuinely innovative ideas for new content.