Tuesday Push August 26th 2008 – Crewger – Bringing Film Crews together

So you have an idea for a film, then what? Well. Crewger might be able to help.

Crewger - Irish Film Crew Discovery

Crewger helps bring people together to create films. Simple idea and apparently very much needed in Ireland. The more official blurb states:

Crewger is an organisation dedicated to the advancement of the Irish film community by facilitating the production, promotion and exhibition of original content by film-makers of all ages and backgrounds working in Ireland today.

While there are discussion forums out there, there’s nothing much webified about the Film Industry in Ireland. Crewger offers a nice way of finding crews for films with their search facility and building a community and forging links. In short Crewger is a social object for film in Ireland.

You can also check out the Crewger Twitter account to get news updates. Please help promote Crewger on your blog and website. Don’t forget you can submit your app or website or company to be on the Tuesday Push too.

5 Responses to “Tuesday Push August 26th 2008 – Crewger – Bringing Film Crews together”

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  2. Annee says:

    Very nifty idea indeed! Thanks Damien, will have to point that out to a few people I know.

    As you said there are forums out there too and http://www.filmmakersnetwork.ie/forums/ seems is a great oul’ spot for crews, writers, directors producers etc.

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