Good luck to the the 3G Dating Agency on Dragon’s Den

Romi Parmar from the 3G Dating Agency was on to me about the Dragon’s Den tonight. Wish him luck. Tonight, BBC 2 at 9pm.

Romi say he’ll over in Ireland next week with some operator meetings and speaking at a Telecom Investor event taking place at the Burlington from about 6pm Tuesday and trying to make it down to Cork for another event on Thursday evening.

Here be a dragon kite:
Photo owned by exfordy (cc)

6 Responses to “Good luck to the the 3G Dating Agency on Dragon’s Den”

  1. I’ll wish him good luck too. He signed up to demo at a TechLudd event ages ago but didn’t turn up. Hope he does well all the same.

  2. Romi Parmar says:

    Hi Anton,
    Aplogies but I tried to make it but with my flights and the Dublin traffic I was too late. I’ll be sure to make much earlier plans for First Tuesday next week ( will you be there? Romi…

  3. I won’t be at the event on Tuesday. I’ll be down in Cork on Thursday though if you fancy meeting up.

  4. Ouch, he didn’t do so well!

  5. TOM SMYTHE says:

    nice suit!

  6. Romi Parmar says:

    Don’t miss the follow up Dragons Den On Tour program on the BBC at 9pm, Wednesday 30th September 2009.