If you’re thinking of doing meetings in Cork in August

Check out my favourite hotel. I got a discount when I booked a room for the Media Training because it’s Summer (you wouldn’t think it with the weather) so I thought I’d let you know about their Summer rates too* because they might be useful for meetings and it’s nice to reciprocate after Carmel and Caroline were very helpful organising the rooms for the Blog Awards and the Train the Trainer events and Dave in head office Yo bro! (who asked for a shout out on this blog since his Mum reads it)

Summer prices to the end of August
€275.00 full day or €137.50 half day for Delta/Echo/Oscar or Tango
€200.00 full day or €100.00 for half day for Alpha/Bravo or Lima

*They didn’t ask me to blog this and I get nothing in return. I can be nice at times. Even to companies. No. Really.

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One Response to “If you’re thinking of doing meetings in Cork in August”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks again for course Damien. Hotel staff were excellent and facilities spot on.
    Really recommend the hotel-great experience…it does look like the set from The Prisoner all right.
    Very laid back yet v professional .