Dept of Comms refuses to disclose their telco assets

Eames Solicitors sent in this Freedom of Information request:

Reports which relate to the telecommunications assets of the State or State owned bodies, one of which relates to Project Dingle.

The Department says yup, you probably mean this report: “Potential for Enhancing and Augmenting SemiState Telecommunicaton Assets”. Then tells them due to commercial sensitive information in the report and because of the deliberation process of Government decisions, they can’t provide it. Application refused. Eames appealed. Again refused.

All details here in this pdf and this one.

Uh, so why can’t the public find out what taxpayer paid for assets are and what the Government is doing with them?

2 Responses to “Dept of Comms refuses to disclose their telco assets”

  1. Joe says:

    I’ll say to you what I said to a fellow reporter who had his head bitten off by a Junior Minister when he asked about the progress of a publicly funded multi-million euro infrastructural scheme last week.

    “You can’t be askin’ the government things like that.”

  2. This project dingle sounds quite exciting. Maybe it is a secret plan to communicate via dolphins.