10 years of Irish conversations

Boards.ie are giving away all their collected data. That’s 10 years of posts and threads from massively massive discussion site Boards.ie and all now available for download. It’s a bold and open move. And very exciting.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a bloody big competition for people to do interesting things with the data. The most interesting apps or thingymabobs win prizes:
* The first prize is an Amazon voucher for $4000 (~€2500)
* The second prize is a voucher for $2000 (~€1250)
* The third prize is a voucher for $1000 (~€625)

See more here on John Breslin’s blog.

I’ve love a Google News/Boards.ie mashup and a timeline kind of thing. Pick a date from a timeline, see the main news from Google and then see how people on Boards.ie reacted.

Or pick a few brands that became over the past few years and plot the rise of them. Sociology and Anthropology researchers will have a field day with these things.

When was the first mention of x on boards.ie and the first use of “celtic tiger” etc. etc.

Screw Google’s zeitgeist, what was the most linked to site in 1998, 1999, 2003?

Well done the Boards.ie owners for doing such a thing.

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