This is why I like Twitter

I ask a question about Babylon 5 (in 140 chars or less) and get back great feedback from people in 140 characters or less. 11 replies in 10 minutes.

Twitter replies on Babylon5

3 Responses to “This is why I like Twitter”

  1. Matt says:

    I actually think that says more about how much fans of Babylon love the show. Babylon 5 is like Marmite in that respect. You either love it so much you want it to have your babies, or you’d rather have you eyes gouged out with a rusty, hot spoon.

    But definitely watch the first season. Or if you’re getting the box set, watch “The Gathering” (pilot) first. Ignore everyone who says not to watch season one, because if you listen to them, you’ll miss “A Voice In The Wilderness” (parts I and II), “Babylon Squared”, and “Chrysalis”, which pretty much set up everything that happens in the entire series.

  2. Sinéad says:

    You should also like Twitter because it leads people to stumble upon your blog for the first time. Entirely entertaining 🙂

  3. Burkie says:

    The real power with this would be if the track function was working and all these arrived to your mobile as you were walking into the city to maybe pick up a boxset