Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs

Remember this?

6 Responses to “Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs”

  1. TheChrisD says:

    Can’t say I do remember it. What year was it released in, do you know?

  2. Green Ink says:

    Fucking hell Damien you’re a genius. This was on a compilation video my mate made from MTV videos (he was the only one who actually had MTV but we still liked him), and we watched it RELIGIOUSLY every night we came in from the pub. HER THING HAD TEETH. Brilliant.
    Daisy Chainsaw? Ween?
    They were on the same tape so you must like them.

  3. Damien says:

    Showing my age there 🙂

  4. Green Ink says:

    Me too. Did you see the comments? “OMG I was like 4 when this was out!”
    OMG I was like a bit older than that.

  5. Deborah says:

    OMG – I haven’t heard that in years!!! Had it memorised too! Although, this is the censored version. God, I think I still have that CD around too, when they were still green Jell-o, before Jell-o complained! Class!

  6. Sylvia says:

    I have this on 7 inch, on pink vinyl!