Word of hand

At a recent meeting/event thingy someone mentioned a client wanted to build buzz about their new product which was aimed at high-end professionals in a specific area of a large city. But didn’t want to explicitly state what the service was going to be. And they wanted it to be “viral”.

I had considered targeting the clubs where these rich boys go to act out their large egos. When they go in to said club handstamp them with the name or logo of this new service. Nice gold stamp or something like that. Or a gold bracelet thingy.

And then Piaras mentions your hand has now become advertising space. It could have been me…

5 Responses to “Word of hand”

  1. Rob says:

    I’d be opposed to it, what if you don’t want to be stamped with say a Durex logo, perhaps you don’t want a condom brand on your feckin hand etc… Nothing wrong with condom branding compared to a taxi branding but why the fuck would I allow someone to advertise on me when I get nothing out of it. I paid to get into the club, now you’re making more money off me, sure why not charge ridiculous prices for drinks, oh wait, you’re already doing that.

    Andy while I’m on the topic, why are condoms so expensive in nightclubs! I bet some fucker was thinking “GREAT, we’ve got them by the balls now!”.

    Sorry for the language 😛

    Thinking about it, it’d be a good idea for say the HSE to sponsor “use a condom” logos, so you don’t “forget” to use one later that night, could help prevent little accidents 😛

  2. Damien says:

    They could stamp other than your hand for the safe sex campaign.

  3. Rob says:

    I don’t like that idea 🙁

  4. Simon McGarr says:

    Sounds like a trespass on the person to me.

  5. Michael Phelan says:

    I think it is a brilliant idea, about time something like this is done in Ireland and a great way for clients to get the word out there, can think of ‘Drink Driving’ and ‘Drink Aware’ campaigns using this immediately….