Christian Right Wing Agenda at work – Turn the gay men into women kissers

We all know there’s the Gay Agenda and the Homosexual Agenda and now it seems the Christian Rightwingers are obviously deploying the same sneaky subliminal tactics as the gay agendaistas.

Evidence? The latest pop video from a female pop sensation is all about kissing girls. Now, 99% of pop music by female stars is listened to by gay men, with the other 0.5% listened to by prepubescent girls before they discover bad moods and wearing black and the other 0.5% by “Other”. Everyone knows this. Well everyone that’s not dumb. You saying you’re dumb, eh?

So remember, if you’re a gay man and watch this, it’s all about trying to turn you away from kissing boys and kissing girls. And we all know where that will lead! So be careful out there. I guess we’ll expect even more fag hags hanging around gay clubs now. Hoping. Just hoping. Maybe he’ll like you now. Cos of the song. One more week to keep that hope going.

But worry not, you can always regay yourself with the Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, now called Gaze. Starts July 31st. I really hope they don’t have Norris again talking shite at it.

7 Responses to “Christian Right Wing Agenda at work – Turn the gay men into women kissers”

  1. Andrew says:

    Pffff, It’ll never work on mOHJESUSCHRISTIJUSTKISSEDAGIRL.

  2. Darragh says:

    What a disappointment! For such a promising title there’s feck all girls kissing in the video. I feel cheated. 😛

  3. Well, ok, but what’s all this business of gay men boosting the careers of women singers who really should disappear forever, right now, instantly? Barbra Streisand, for instance, and Madonna, but not Kylie, who deserves to stay, solely on the strength of having one of the world’s truly great arses. And for singing with Nick Cave.

  4. 73man says:

    I kissed a girl once. But then he slapped me in the face. Haven’t been in that pub since.

  5. Darragh

    i read your comment mate and then watched the vido to make sure you were right. you were right… nothing!

  6. sorry Bock mssed that… fair point re the arse and nick cave

  7. tipster says:

    I really hope they don’t have Norris again talking shite at it.

    I’d prefer the GAZE committee did that over the stunt they pulled three years ago when the organisers had Michael McDowell spouting offensive shite telling us that lesbian and gay people didn’t want or need the ban on same-sex marriage lifted, and why second-class citizenship was fine.