The Tuesday Push – July 15th 2008 – 1Time

Today’s Tuesday Pushee is 1Time.



1time is a web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to easily keep track of real time project costs. It reduces non-billable time in your company and keeps everyone up to date. Each employee gets their own login and reminders so you don’t have to micro-manage recording timesheets. It is ideally suited to anyone who has a need to record time for billing or project cost analysis.

You can get a 30 day trial with them. It looks like a good and useful product for businesses and those who work for themselves. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out AFTER the project what you spent on it timewise.

1Time added more features recently allowing you to give your clients access to their timesheets. Which while I’m sure would benefit the clients is probably a passive way of making you actually fill those sheets in and keep you motivated. Well that’s what I’d use it for. 🙂

More features too are on the way. Great to see a working product that is useful to existing businesses. Well done to Derek Organ.

Please spread the word about 1Time and blog about them. If you want your company/product mentioned, please fill in this linked form

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  2. Hi There,

    isn’t it like basecamp?

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  4. Derek Organ says:

    Damien, thanks very much for the post.

    If anyone has any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch. ( )

    @Edu 1time is focused on time and expense management while basecamp is focused on project management(files, emails etc.)

    There is a huge requirement for this kind of solution in the market and we already have companies from 70 countries all over the world using it.

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  6. johnbillion says:

    In case anyone from 1time reads these comments: Why the hell are there seven different price plans?

    This immediately strikes me as over-complication and doesn’t give me faith in the ease of use of the application itself, before I’ve even had a chance to try it.

    Surely four plans would be more than enough. Individuals, Small Business (2-10), Medium Business (11-50), Large Business (51+).

    It would be interesting to find out what percentage of people who pay for the service choose which plan. I imagine, for example, the 21-30 plan will be very unpopular, as a company of that size has the potential to grow to over 30 employees quite easily and would therefore require the 31-50 plan.

    Also, how much does a company pay if it has more than one hundred employees? Is there a price plan available for a company of this size?

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  9. Derek Organ says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t see the number of plans as an obstacle to a company who has the problem we help solve. I also don’t think 40 euro a month is going to be deciding factor for a company of 25 people for example. If you see 1time as something that solves your time tracking problem then the price is low enough to have little effect on your decision. The cost of change is really the barrier for any company and we do what ever we can to help make that as easy a transition as possible. This includes uploading all their clients and projects as a free service.

    Companies with more than 100 people pay along a similar scale and can contact me at for more information.

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