Post Measurement Camp – So Ireland is still in the Dark Ages…

Measurement Camp on Wednesday was inspiring and amazing and other things that end in ing. The great benevolent dictator Will McInnes runs this event and the people that turn up are some very very clued in people. We’re still back in caveman times compared to what’s happening in social media in the UK. When I hear the term social media used in Ireland I cringe as it’s used by so many muppets without any kind of clue, just an urge to empty wallets of dumb companies.

This month’s Measurement Camp was hosted in the lovely offices of Hotwire PR and it was nice to meet some of the people in there including Drew Benvie. Another blog subscribed to!

I was sitting next to Simon Collister who’s blog I had started reading a few days ago and didn’t realise he was the same guy til after. D’oh. This blog post on 10 immutable laws for measuring conversation is great and highlights what can be measured.

Also there was David Jennings of Net, Blogs and Rock and Roll book fame. Yup, that blog subbed to as well.

Chris Applegate from Outside Line and who does the LG Blog was there too. Subbed.

And loads more too. Talent, lots of it.

Running Round [cropped]
Photo owned by Editor B (cc)

Lots and lots of terms and phrases from the 2 hours:
Sizemore, Seesmic, whoofie, goodwill, emotional reactions, spray and pray, net promoter score, The One Number You Need to Grow, Ken Thompson, brand recall, fail fast fail cheap, retrospective metrics, sentiment, prompting, advertising value equivalent, “robots are stupid and people are slow”, territories, buzz monitoring

So yeah Measurement Camp, very educational, very eye-opening, very much worth the trip to London. But I have a lot of study to do.

5 Responses to “Post Measurement Camp – So Ireland is still in the Dark Ages…”

  1. 73man says:

    “We’re still back in caveman times compared to what’s happening in social media in the UK.”

    Pfff. what did the English ever do for us?

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for coming along Damian and for the kind words about Hotwire 🙂 See you at the next one I hope.

  3. Katie Paine says:

    Measurement Camp sounds like a great idea — who says Ireland is behind the times, I think its brilliant and want to copy it here in New Hampshire! For your resources section of the wiki — and for future reference, you might want to check out
    and my blog and

  4. Will McInnes says:

    Mr Mulley, our sincere thanks for you making the trip and giving us the view from Ireland (and introducing the phrase ‘statporn’ too). Let me know when you plan to do something similar on those emerald shores and I’ll pack my bags and fly over.

  5. Hey Damien. not sure why I’m only commenting on this post *now* – but hey, I am :-S

    Great to meet you and get a birds eye view of the social media sphere from Ireland. I hope you realised that it isn’t just your neck of the woods where a lot of seemingly smart companies don’t get s/m. The measurement stick is a real opportunity to show people what we & s/m can do for their business and reputation.

    Is that a ramble? I think it might be 😉