Some end of day, end of week bits – (Not Fluffy)

The Oireachtas web elves want your views on their websites. Fill out this survey. Maybe if more people said how god awful the Dáil Debate pages were, they might change them into something easier to deal with. It is 2008 afterall. A feed for what a TD and Senator says, please?

On the same tack. Look at what the UK Gov services you can access inc OSI data. Via. continues to evolve. Some ancient members don’t want some of the new profile updates to be opt-in not opt-out. With recent upgrades you can see who’s been looking at your profile.

Justin points out numerous stories about Amazon’s EC2 servers being used for spam.

Fox News photoshopped photos of people they attacked to make them uglier without informing people the photos were doctored.

One Response to “Some end of day, end of week bits – (Not Fluffy)”

  1. Nay says:

    Japes….crimes against Adobe or what? Possibly the worst PS job I’ve ever seen.