/ The Day Today?

Sligo Today with their website and video:

The Day Today with Alan Partridge:

6 Responses to “ / The Day Today?”

  1. Daithí says:

    Love the clip art ‘computer’ at 0.28 (Sligo video),

  2. Justin says:

    FACT times IMPORTANCE equals NEWS!

  3. Jane says:

    Because fact into doubt won’t go…

  4. B'dum B'dum says:

    Ever hear On The Hour? Basically The Day Today on radio… cept it had Lee and Herring co-writing too.

  5. Maman Poulet says:

    AINE for Special Roving Corespondent!!!

  6. Sligo Knacker says:

    That is the most shocking rip off I have seen. I wonder have they offered Collatilie Sisters a job yet.