I got to 30 seconds

Via Alexia, can you watch the whole thing?

edit: Nope it ain’t.

28 Responses to “I got to 30 seconds”

  1. Maman Poulet says:

    53 seconds and that was just to test out the gaydar….

  2. becs says:

    Bless his little cotton socks.

    “You are very very stunning, but it’s not your looks”

  3. Enda C. says:

    Bang on 30 seconds when he first said “actor”

  4. Des says:

    “very fantastic” – good man Chris…..

    1/40th of Mulleys traffic…

  5. Gamma Goblin says:

    Ironically, easier to watch than a movie starring Jessica Alba.

  6. Brian says:

    I actually got to 2:24 but couldn’t bear the last 5 seconds. Epic fail 🙁

  7. Mulley is just jealous of his youth and innocence 🙂

  8. Dave says:

    8 seconds. I have a low cringe threshold.

  9. 73man says:

    Got to 0:54 and then started blushing because he was blushing so much. Have we all forgotten how it is to be 16? Sweet guy.

  10. Darragh says:

    Got as far as “I’m from Ireland!” Fair play to him. That’ll stay with him for a while I’d say.

  11. trinity says:

    dammit, I’ve no sound at work at the mo. It looks like a Crocker though!

  12. jasus! and for the rest of his life i fast forwarded to the end… same as the start for those who didn’t see it

  13. UnaRocks says:

    I got through it all.

    Best piss take ever?

  14. LizEMcG says:

    Love it..

    Reckon its a piss take – to see how far it gets! Classic..

  15. 73man says:

    No way is it a piss take. Have you seen how he blushes??

  16. Ronan says:

    I watched it all. My God! What does that say about me?

  17. ja says:

    i watched it all.

    how could you NOT wait to see what he was going to say next? (only to be disappointed and find out that it was “fantastic actor” again)

  18. Damien says:

    The blushing is what made me cringe. I think it’s sweet and young and I wish I was brave enough at that age to do something like this. I think YouTube is a little different than using the CB and directing the signal to outer space though.

  19. roosta says:

    He’s a legend.

  20. John P says:

    25 Seconds….. And only because I was multitasking …

  21. Aidan says:

    seems to repeat himself a bit

  22. Simon says:

    Err… Who is this Jessica of which he speaks?

  23. Andrew says:

    Jessickeh Elbeh, Oi tink yer luvley.

  24. Chris Sheehan says:

    well people i didnt think it would get this far but hahaha cumon i got to 2.29 because i had to do it hahaha unfortunaly haha..but really i bet ye all watched it and laughed yer ass at it and tats wat its sapost ta do .do u really tink she would see it .and do u really think if i ment it i dont tink id get my face in it to be shamed haha but ye have to admite how many of ye would do it!!

  25. Delightful! I was really quite moved by it. Good man Chris.