Porter Novelli’s Guide to Approaching Bloggers

Porter Novelli put together a really good concise guide on how to approach bloggers if you want to pitch to them or do business with them or send them/us something interesting. They contacted me and asked was there anything I’d like to add and there wasn’t, I think they’ve got it all covered. Anyone that’s in business should take a look at this because more and more you’ll probably be reaching out to bloggers. Well done Kerry et al.

Photo owned by charkesw (cc)

One Response to “Porter Novelli’s Guide to Approaching Bloggers”

  1. Thanks Damien – both for the initial feedback and the praise….:)

    We’re still working on the training plans to accompany this, and the other guides, that are up on the PNeo blog. So If anyone does have any feedback on any of the materials we’ve posted, please comment or get in touch directly, kerry dot gaffney at porternovelli dot co dot uk.