Gotta love Freedom of Information requests

Tis the season for FOI requests innit? Another one from the DCENR (pdf) where Finian McGrath writes to Eamon Ryan and asks him to have a phonebox removed from a neighbourhood in Marino. The forwarded letter from the constituent is funny but tragic.

From what I have seen the phone box serves the following purposes in descending order.
1. Target for throwing practice – which results in glass shattered all over the street and the footpath.
2. Public Toilet.
3. Drinking Den and subsequent dumping spot for Vodka bottles
4. Meeting place for drunken youths
5. Phone box

3 Responses to “Gotta love Freedom of Information requests”

  1. AJ says:

    6. Changing room for super heros.

  2. Yeah. Funny but not. Gobshites rule.

  3. caoimheb says:

    I wondered where that’d gone………..and to think, I thought Finian was proving to be a useless spineless piece of ….