A fun week

I’m a little hoarse. I’ve been talking shite all week. I was in Waterford on Tuesday to give a full-day Business Blogging Course which seems to have gone quite well and I was in Galway on yesterday to give two half-day business blogging courses to about 28 people in total. A lot of travel, a lot of mileage but this lad kept me company and helped out on the days. I hope we see a good few more business blogs start now as a result.Tom and Mary in Waterford and Adele in Galway deserve much praise for putting the events together and subsidising the courses too for everyone.

Met Ina today who gave a far too brief (because I had to leg it back to Cork) tour and history of Galway and a history of Galway that’s not just on the default tourist books. We also had a lovely lunch in Nimmo’s. Ina should consider doing a blog on the secret Galway that exists that the tourists never see and many locals may never have known. The story of the Russian links to a Mausoleum in a wood in Galway was fascinating.

Diver going off the board
Photo owned by Boocal (cc)

Also met John Breslin today at Open Coffee Galway and he gave a tour of the DERI facility. Love the stuff they’re doing with sensors. Got some insider stuff about Boards.ie which is exciting and will be revealed in time. Also met Ross from Boards.ie who was in Galway for the week. Also met James. Hello to all the open Coffee peeps too! Been a fun week but now I think I’ll crash before my short trip to Berlin next week, back in time for Dublin and Prince, then London for Interesting, then a business blogging course in Dublin on June 24th, then Darllight on the 27th and some talk on the 30th. Remember I said blogging will be light? It might continue to be.

4 Responses to “A fun week”

  1. Darragh says:

    Jaysis dude, get some sleep! 🙂

  2. Glad to see you enjoyed your time in Galway and it was good to see you at the Open Coffee meetup (don’t the DERI folks have a cool time going there?)

    Must give Nimmo’s a lash.

  3. Hi Damien – think one of your links to John Breslin is broken there – WordPress can be a pain at times, happens me all the time.

  4. John Breslin says:

    Yes goddammit will somebody please think of my pagerank and fix the link!

    Great to meet you Damien, see you again soon…