Fluffy Links – Thursday May 29th 2008

Grannymar is the April winner (I know it’s May now) of the Blog Post of the Month. Congrats. She gets the trophy and an N95 thanks to o2 and Nokia Ireland. Still time to nominate a blog for the May prize.

Win a copy of Grow and Cook.

Sabrina needs a bookkeeper. Know anyone?

I’m in Dublin today for meetings and to see Jonathon Porritt give a talk on how we can develop a sustainable economy thanks to an invite from the DCENR. This is a good post from Jonathon on the campaigns of Greenpeace.

The Irish Indo are borrowing without asking from bloggers. Again.

Prince at Coachella – The Bootleg. Where he covers Creep, Angel and Come Together.

Read Chapter 8 of the new Crowdsourcing book before it’s printed.

Ninja’s use MacBook Airs to deliver justice.

Google Shoot View, not Google Street View.

Fun Twitter word game.

Via MetaFilter: Fred Astaire – Smooth Criminal

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Thursday May 29th 2008”

  1. Grannymar says:

    Last night I was totally shell shocked! Today the duster is out making way for the new award. Many thanks to you Damien and to all involved!