Embed RTE Clips on your site

Thanks to JazBiscuit you can now embed RTE’s realplayer vids directly into a website, you know, something every other damned TV crowd are doing for years at this stage.

3 Responses to “Embed RTE Clips on your site”

  1. Anthony says:

    I’ve just put the Nationwide clip on us upon our website, http://www.ummera.com and it works!
    Being dying to do this since February!!
    Many thanks to Jazz Biscuit.

  2. Anthony McG says:

    Ugh, RealPlayer. RTE really needs to switch to flash video. I won’t be embedding anything until they abandon such an outdated format.

  3. Joe Garde says:

    totally agree with anthony i refuse to download RP – cannot get over how slow they are to switch over to flash.. they learnt nothing from youtube not to mention the dozens of other web stations setting up around them..! Ubiquity !