New Fine Gael website on Europe/Lisbon

From that FG email mentioned already today is also news of their pro-Lisbon website – Heart of Europe.

From said email:

Enda will launch a new campaign website on Friday morning – – and in conjunction with this, we will have banner ads on most of the breaking news websites. Our Dublin Campaign will be formally launched on Friday also.

All those breaking news sites also do Google ads. The No people can just run their ads next to yours.

There’s nothing on the site just yet, though Google does throw up some pages behind the splash screen. G’wan, have a nose. It’s not hacking…

Green Ink had his way with their logo:
Fine Gael Heart of Europe

Beating the Heart of Europe.

This is the original: Fine Gael Heart of Europe

But lads, exists. People are going to Google Heart of Europe and that will come up. Or type it in forgetting the hyphens.

2 Responses to “New Fine Gael website on Europe/Lisbon”

  1. S says:

    I often wondered why the NO campaign missed their opportunity for T-shirts with….


    printed on them. Now, that would have been creative!

  2. Ugh, why are both campaigns so pathetic? Why don’t they just tell people what the damn thing is about?