Another reason to have a pint with Brian Cowen

He says “fuckers” with conviction. I can just see Enda’s microphone being left on and him calling Fianna Fáil “those scallywags”.

Mp3 link hijacked from the Irish Times, it’s the last 5 seconds:

Photo owned by Editor B (cc)

16 Responses to “Another reason to have a pint with Brian Cowen”

  1. Excellent.

    I think old Brian will be one of these guys coming on the late late in about 25 years and everyone will be acknowledging the fact that it was a mistake to hang him after 2 years in charge for being grumpy looking.

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  4. B'dum B'dum says:

    There’s nothing wrong with swearing in general, but he definitely lacks the level of polish(not the poland one, the cleaning one) a politician needs.

    Can definitely see him on the late late doing exactly that Mr Nappy Rash.

  5. Ben says:

    More power to him if you ask me!

    Nice find Damien

  6. copernicus says:

    I nominate this for most politically dense post of the year. Can only pray its an category.

  7. Fergal says:

    George W Bush said “asshole” once. That’s what makes him so awesome.

  8. Damien says:

    @Fergal I’d definitely have a beer with George

    @Copernicus Nah, my blog posts aren’t allowed get nominated. So you still have a chance.

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  11. Joe Mack says:

    “Every time I open my mouth I hear something from you”


  12. Is there something wrong with me that this makes him more likeable? He’s insisting TDs are present at the Dail and swears like there’s a genuine fire in his belly – not cultured but I think I like the attitude.

  13. Paul says:

    I never thought I would say it but I think it is time that Bertie Ahern returned to the role of Taoiseach. This Brian Cowen fellow is an embarrassment to the country. He made a show of himself outside the Dail the day that Bertie resigned. He was caught on camera sticking his tongue out & looking like a right idiot. Then on the Oireachtas report on his first day as Taoiseach he was shown to be asleep in the Dail when Eamon Gilmore was speaking. Then he starts cursing in the Dail. I said it before he was elected that this guy cant even dress himself. He seriously needs to start grooming himself better. The fact is he is a big mouth from Offaly who would be better suited to be back working behind the Bar.

  14. Bertie wasn’t so polished in the beginning himself, a cut of sandpaper will sort out Cowan in time.

    He’ll still eventually get shafted though, it’s inevitable.

  15. copernicus says:

    “Nah, my blog posts aren’t allowed get nominated. So you still have a chance.”

    That doesn’t make any sense either. I suppose we can’t all be the cedar lounge.

  16. james sheedy says:

    as a fellow educated but gruff biffo ive got to say some of you guys are both shallow and misinformed- if you’d been following the general election brian cowen’s passion and defense of everything fianna fail was seen as a huge part in the party’s reclamation of power. he sure is ugly and rough around the edges but when it comes to a politician with knowledge backbone and experience theres no better