Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 20th 2008

Yes that was me on Prime Time last night. I blogged about Bebo and YouTube yesterday if you want my complete thoughts on it, not just some.

Primal Sneeze takes Argos.ie to task.

Some nice .ie domains that have not been renewed. Plus Blacknight have a .ie domain sale now on too.

Keith took some great notes at a recent conference on subscriptions. Cog from his blog.

it@Cork have a nice Web 2.0 intro class on next Tuesday. I’m not just saying that because I’m on a bajillion subcommittees at it@Cork

Spaces still available for the Galway Business Blogging Course. Same for the Waterford one.

50 more tickets are going to be released for Interesting 08.

Buckminster Fuller used Twitter, kinda.

Flying penises, once just seen in Second Life are now being seen in real life. It’s all very Matrix-like with stuff from one world seeping into the other.

Fantastic presentation from the Adaptive Path people at Google:

Duran Duran – Ordinary World

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