Irish Company turns your mobile into an online News Station

Not quite death of the Newsroom but Wexford Software company Ubcam have developed software for a whole load of Nokias, Sony Ericsson’s and some other brands (but not the iPhone) that will turn your phone into a live video streaming device. It’s like the well-recognised service from QIK except more phones can run the Ubcam software than can run QIK.

I chatted to a TV crew from RTE recently about QIK and they were amazed that a simple mobile phone could empower the average punter into becoming a live news broadcaster. Wouldn’t they have been impressive during the Dublin riots?

Camera crew
Photo owned by MShades (cc)

11 Responses to “Irish Company turns your mobile into an online News Station”

  1. Johnny says:

    Trying it now – does one need to have ‘funds’?

  2. Johnny says:

    Tried it and it worked on N95. Worked great – slow but I has no 3G coverage.

  3. Cian says:

    “Not quite death of the Newsroom but”

    I’d go the opposite way – this kind of technology has the potential to be very helpful to non traditional broadcasters.

    Although, like with the issue of newspaper reporters taking photographs, camera men might not like it.

  4. Cian says:

    Just to be clear – I meant helpful to non traditional broadcasters in their online ventures, ie newspaper and online news website.

  5. Ubcam is available for the mobile and PC – although the PC client is still pre beta.

    The main idea is people should be able to broadcast live and if they like state a price per minute view COULD pay, so I could charge 0.01 cents per min.

    Also all videos are archived – these videos also can have a set fee to watch.

    So the main aim here is to empower broadcaster with the ability to earn money.

    Ubcam goes live in June 2008. email me if you would like more info – paul at

  6. Met Paul at TechLudd Limerick a few weeks back. They’ve got some nice tricks planned for video outside of 3G coverage too.

  7. Michele says:

    There are no contact details of any kind on the site and the domain’s whois looks incredibly dodgy.Pistols Pete?

  8. the website is just on beta – we will have all details there today.

    pistolspete is my nickname which I use

  9. Michele says:


    Using a nickname in whois is in breach of the ICANN rules and the registrar would be entitled to suspend the domain if they wanted to.


  10. […] for this is that the barriers to entry have been falling pretty quickly of late. On this note, Damien Mulley reveals that: Wexford Software company Ubcam have developed software for a whole load of Nokias, Sony […]

  11. Tom says:

    Great idea. Imagine something big happening, and you’re there with your mobile?