Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 13th 2008

Wille O’Dea come on down.

Great idea. Use CCTV footage that filmed you to make a music video.

Cloud Cult does art rock with real artists.

Sigur Ros have released Dot, a handy widget for blogs or social networks to show off your fandom of Sigur Ros and get access to new content. More of this.

It’s Facebook’s fault what people do, right?

What a lameass article on why smoking is great. Intelligent reasons could have been given instead of the silly “we’re paying our own health bills via tax takings”.

A MacOS X Twitter screensaver?

Bad words give power, creating new ones is more power. Maybe don’t give the words power?

Sun shades with solar panels. They look like Cobra hoods.

Adam Boulton on the new tacky gifting London Mayor.

Rich tossers and their helicopters (yes I’m totally jealous) if they’re not killing themselves by crashing them they’re landing them on multistory carparks.

Trailer for the movie Point Blank

Via Pedro, a really cool video done on a Mac:

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 13th 2008”

  1. dahamsta says:

    Bit of a kneejerk there considering facebook wasn’t actually assigned fault in that article Damien…