Salim Ismail in Dublin on May 12th

Salim is coming over.

Says Joe:

Salim Ismail is in town next Monday (12th May) and suggested a meetup somewhere in Dublin. The Market Bar is traditionally where we hold these events, so if you’d like to shoot the breeze with Salim and lower a few beers at the same time come on down to Market Bar at 7.30pm on Monday.

Salim and Tom
Photo owned by Phillie Casablanca (cc)

Salim made everyone that went on the Paddy’s Valley trip hugely welcome. He went above and beyond. It’d be nice for us here now to buy him a few thank you pints.

3 Responses to “Salim Ismail in Dublin on May 12th”

  1. Ben says:

    Whats with the dude in the red shaking his head at the speed of light?

  2. Damien says:

    Dude, he’s just a circus freak, no wild photography going on here at all.

  3. Mike Kelly says:

    Great excuse for a pint Where’s the Market Bar?