Woah – This is how they roll in Riyadh

Via Kottke

5 Responses to “Woah – This is how they roll in Riyadh”

  1. Ken Stanley says:

    It’s fairly common in a lot of Muslim countries where drinking and courting women are forbidden. A lot of young men use this kind of thing to pass the time. Scores are killed in the gulf each year playing ‘chicken’ in their cars. I suppose it’s a fitting substitute for random street violence and an STD epidemic!

  2. Anthony McG says:

    Saw this last night on Digg. FUBAR.

  3. Declan says:

    I dont know about the muppets in the cars but we should find out who build a road that smooth and hire them to finish the M50

  4. I’m with Declan on this one… even our footpaths are deadly to skate on!