Fluffy Links – Thursday May 1st 2008

Great essay from Marie Mulholland on the Marriage Equality group and their aims.

And then head over to Neilformer’s NEW blog and read his article on the issue.

Planning has started for BarCamp Belfast 08

Gordon’s doing a warts and all blog about his experience starting out with a new product.

How stupid are Marvel stopping a fanboy screening of Ironman?

Number plates to screw with speed camera databases.

This is a very short but inspiring article of what the future for some markets are.

# An abundance of information can create a scarcity of context
# An abundance of choice can create a scarcity of advice
# An abundance of content can create a scarcity of time
# An abundance of people competing for your attention can create a scarcity of reputational ways to choose among them

The BBC are going all techy with their Mayoral coverage.

Meanwhile I’m shocked Bertie didn’t win politician of the year.

via IGIF Nike ad – Music is Saul Williams – List Of Demands (Reparations)

Queens of the stone age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (done to House clips)

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday May 1st 2008”

  1. Sinéad C says:

    Iron Man ROCKS. Also, that screening went ahead last night, it wasn’t anything to do with Marvel, was an issue with the promotions company who thought they were selling tickets to a free show that the promotions company had organised. As for the preview at Cineworld last night… that was ace! SO so ace.

  2. Branedy says:

    When are you getting your own Radio Program. You are on the radio so much lately, I’d change your title to Radio Personality đŸ˜‰

  3. Darragh says:

    Agreed with Sinead – it rocks. It rocks hard.

    (I wanna be Tony Stark when I grow up)

  4. Sinéad C says:

    No Darragh. *I’m* going to be Tony Stark when I grow up. You can be the gay soldier boy!

  5. If there’s an abundance of people competing for your attention and no way to know what their reputation is, surely there’s an open potential for someone to create some sort of ranking system for people that could be used in the same way that Google uses pagerank for websites and Technorati uses their Authority number for blogs?

    They could call it personrank!

  6. stretchneil says:

    Woo-hoo – fluffy link for me!!