Interesting idea: Angel funding a fashion designer, starting at €14

The website Catwalk Genius is a site where the independent fashion designers sell fashion directly to the public. Some lovely stuff on it. What piques my interest though is you can basically buy shares in a designer and once they reach a certain amount of funding they can design and produce a new range, you’ll get an item from it and then a share in the profits.

The blurb from here:

Pay 14 Euros (plus 1 Euro processing fee) to secure 1 of 5,000 ‘elements’ in that designer’s adoption. You can adopt multiple elements in any number of designers…

Once all 5,000 elements have sold, your adopted designer will hit their fund target of 70,000 Euros. Within 6 months of that point, they’ll create a new collection with the costs covered by the adoption fund.

Once the collection’s ready, you’ll get an exclusive limited edition design from your designer as a reward for your confidence in them.

Then, for each item that is sold from the collection, all profits will be split so that 30% goes to the designer, 30% goes to us and 30% goes to the supporters (split proportionately according to the number of elements owned by each).

Would this work for a tech company? Finding 5000 people or a 10th of that might be tough, no?

Photo owned by mari.francille (cc)

3 Responses to “Interesting idea: Angel funding a fashion designer, starting at €14”

  1. Helen Brown says:

    Ooh, you’re on the ball Mr Mulley! Thanks for the mention. Would love to hear feedback from your learned, fashion-loving readers…

    Helen from said website.
    P.S. Loving that fluffy fluoro green number.

  2. Adam says:

    Very nice idea alright – maybe it’s something a tech company can take up on their own, offering shares in the company for investment through their website.

  3. UnaRocks says:

    wow, that’s a great idea, v interesting.