LazyWeb: LinkedIn Answers notifications via Twitter, Facebook, blog

I’m been told my blog posts on tech stuff are too techy. I’ll try and change that.

So for those not familiar with it, LinkedIn is an online networking site based around the equivalent of a CV. It’s very handy for storing business contacts and see what contacts they have. One of the really useful features of LinkedIn is LinkedIn answers where you can write a question and send it to all your contacts and the question is put on their site too and all LinkedIn members can respond to it. From feedback from those that use it, it’s a great resource. But you can only send the question and get a reply from those that are connected to you.

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What I’d love is the ability to send that question to my blog, my Twitter account, my Facebook status and more. It will get the question seen by a lot more people and probably get a good deal more responses too. It could also get more sign-ups for LinkedIn too and increase the number of people that connect to you. And I think it can be done thanks to LinkedIn releasing an API.

Of course that’s exporting from LinkedIn but is there anything stopping you from writing a blog post that gets turned into a LinkedIn Question or a Twitter message that does so?

6 Responses to “LazyWeb: LinkedIn Answers notifications via Twitter, Facebook, blog”

  1. I like LinkedIn a lot, but never use the question thing. I use it primarily to monitor and maintain a network of contacts within a relatively small industry (in Ireland).

  2. Neal McQ says:

    howdy, the closest I’ve seen (and I use personally) for sending statuses to multiple locations is Moodblast (link.
    It allows you to send a status/question to Skype, Jaiku, Facebook, ichat, Adium, Twitter, Tumblr, Pownce all in one go.
    No support for LinkedIn but the guy developing the software seems pretty open to suggestion….

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  4. S says:

    A friend in the US who I spoke (well, twittered) to about this blog entry recommended that you take a look at Ping.FM – it might be what you’re looking for.

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  6. Adam Root says:

    Interesting. I wonder when will Linkedin incorporate a pulse stream that integrates twitter to your status updater?


    Adam Root