Dubalin town

Heading back from Q&A last night, walking over O’Connell bridge and I see a crowd gathering around the steps going down into the river. A Garda was heading down them while shouting to a guy in the river. Seems the guy decided he’d take a swim and the Garda was suggeting he change his mind. As this was happening a crowd gathered on the bridge cheering him on.

And fair play to the Garda, he got the guy out of the water without having to climb in. He brought him back up and they stuck a blanket around him. Then the firebrigade arrived:


Shortly afterwards came the ambulances. Two I guess in case someone else ended up in the Liffey:

Not the biggest fans of Gardai at times but rather them then me when they have to work night weekend shifts with so many nasty. violent and messy drunks all over the streets.

5 Responses to “Dubalin town”

  1. Anthony says:

    Job well done alright. My mate’s da was retiring from the fire brigade last week and there was a good crowd. Those lads would tell you some horrendous stories of call outs. I admire anyone who can do a job like that.

  2. Oh, was at Q&A as well! Shame I didn’t know you were up.

  3. AJ says:

    Yeah, I would not be a particular fan of the Gardai here at all, especially their continued citation of the criminal justice act (http://tinyurl.com/6mm7x7) for almost everything (Its far too open to abuse, in the first instance), however from time to time, you do hear about (Such as this post) some of the shitty work that they have to do and think fair play to them. And that aspect of policing in this country appears to be the only side that is still human and common sense (IMHO).

    Still I’d imagine once the guy has calmed down he will be cited under the above.

    People gathering encouraging him, well, there you go, it just shows how carless a lot of people have become these days.

  4. Damien says:

    @Rob I was with Brian who said hello to you and you ran!

  5. The Garda do a great job also the Fire Brigade my hubby is a Fire Fighter and it’s so sad how so many people abuse our system using ambulances as Taxi’s this is getting more common.while some people are in need of help and these abusers are up to there old tricks.
    It makes me mad how people complain about the Gards when they are the first one’s called when any kind of trouble hapens.
    Good on you damo for highliting this situation last nite.