Tommy Broughan – behind the music

The secret history of Labour’s Tommy Broughan. Gold.

6 Responses to “Tommy Broughan – behind the music”

  1. malore says:

    Cheers for bigging up me blog Damien

  2. Damien says:

    Not a problem that was the best political post this year.

  3. malore says:

    should be more to come

  4. Paul says:

    Brilliant! I’m from Donaghmede and used to work in Woodies, “Strange Brough” always did spend too long in the methylated spirits section.

  5. noinin says:

    Sorry Damien this is just shite. Tommy Broughan isn’t a minister, he’s a TD. What’s so ‘funny’ about being from Donaghmede? Did you read this lame crap before you linked to it?

    Come on, get back up to your usual excellent standard

  6. Paul says:

    He’s not really poking fun at Donaghmede though. Even if he was, so what? It’s a parody of a political profile. Chill the fuck out.