There’s always a place for assholes in the world

Jaiku has them a plenty. Well done lads. Keep the flag flying for B when the whole A versus b thing doesn’t matter.

3 Responses to “There’s always a place for assholes in the world”

  1. steve says:

    Interesting how you write about online social networks, emphasising the importance of people as drivers, and then go and dismiss a group of people as “assholes” just because they are taking part in a conversation.

  2. M Buckley says:

    Thanks to socila network systems I am able to work from home, in a limited capacity and not wear myself out travelling round. Governments will probably see the value of this as time goes on and petrol becomes a scarce commodity.

    Just in passing, I post to a very pleasant chat room called Techfocus the Lounge. We are trying to liven the conversation up a bit. Perhaps you would like to join, Damien, or put a little piece out about us, please?

  3. Damien says:

    Will happily link to it in a Fluffy 🙂