Free iPhone in return for being spied on – Apple to Irish employees

Apple must have been jealous of the attention Pat Phelan gave O2 and the iPhone launch so they’ve done one better and Pat’s watching. See Apple have told Irish employees they can have a free iPhone but can’t unlock it and if the phone is unlocked, they’ll get done by HR. Apple have said they’ll be spying on their phone usage. Looks like they’re keeping some ownership rights too as you can use it but not sell it on but you can give it to a friend or family member. Can they sell it on? What if they unlock it?

I spy with my little eye
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4 Responses to “Free iPhone in return for being spied on – Apple to Irish employees”

  1. D says:

    Can I buy a iphone in the North for cash without signing up for a contract?

  2. ARebelWithoutAPause says:

    As a recipient of one of the free iphones mentioned above….a few queries..

    Is it possible to monitor usage when the phone is your personnal phone and not a comapany phone.

    We are being told that the phone must not be jailbreaked…the company will know if it is and disciplinary action will be taken if this is breached…

    The hypocracy of the whole thing is there are several senior personnel in the Cork facility flouting their jailbroken phones for the last few months…

  3. jake murphy says:

    if i got a job in apple (in cork) and then quit like a week later,would i get to keep the phone?