Fluffy Links – Thursday March 24th

The feedback has been fantastic but please to list what you think you’ve been an ambassador for.

Elana likes to talk a lot about Beanis. Er.

Twenty is guest blogging on Beaut.ie, have a gander.

Spelling in Kerry.

Harry McGee has a nice piece on the perils of journalism. Read that and then Shane’s post on journo schools.

Epic fáil.

Check out Clay Shirky’s talk about his new book about organising people and events and er things.

Via Kottke MovieStamper lets you permalink and tag your favorite movie scenes.

Via Twenty: Daft Punk done on a piano

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Thursday March 24th”

  1. K8 says:

    Fan-bleedin’-tastic on the beaut guest spot! It’s been of my opinion for a long long time that beaut.ie could benefit from a bit of ‘blue’.