What is it with the Nordies?

Lots of griping that nobody from the North won at the Blog Awards. Again some said. Some people wrongly said Slugger has been snubbed every year. They won the first year. Grannymar won and guess where she’s from? The Family Voyage folks have an odd accent too. Oh my god, are they from somewhere inside the Northern border?

28 Responses to “What is it with the Nordies?”

  1. My guess is that is was due to collusion between the Securocrats and the Cork based insurgents that organise the awards. Expect it all to come out with calls for an independent inquiry in about 10-15 years time.

  2. Andy says:

    What we mean is – none of the Northern Irish bloggers complaining have won 🙂

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  4. Colm says:

    Did anyone win from North Mayo? No! What about Nobber? No again!!! And why did you ignore, yet again, blogs from Kilfinora? Shockingly no!

    That’s discrimination that is. It doesn’t matter that there aren’t any decent blogs from these places they deserve their minute in the spotlight. 😉

  5. manuel says:

    I always blame securicrats……and better blogs from other places……obviously….plus as you said The voyage and grannymar have very definite northern roots etc…….

  6. squid says:

    Section 31! Section 31!

  7. manuel says:

    Damien did you get the badges I sent your way…..?

  8. Ed says:

    in future all award winning bloggers from NI should start their speechs with a rousing rendition of that Holylands classic “you wee bin hoker ye” to avoid any confusion.

  9. And after us trying to make the place look like Shankill with the red, white and blue and all…

  10. Sharon says:

    What, eh? Do the complainers not think I count? Or was it my posh Strabane accent that confused people?

    You sort them out Damien.

    Thanks for the great night. You’re a star.

  11. Eddie says:

    Yes, but you missed out the all important burnt out van background and 9 year olds smashing my car windscreen with their size 4s

  12. Sharon says:

    Oh yes, I commented on the effort that went in to making us (usuns) feel at home with the bunting and all. Pity you forget to do the kerbstones too 😉

  13. mj says:

    We was robbed!

  14. Phil O'Kane says:

    congrats sharon – however next year we will be hosting the NORTHERN IRISH BLOG AWARDS!
    If you want to sponsor a category get in contact…

  15. thats it – I’m starting the north Roscommon Blog Awards 🙂

  16. Eddie says:

    the NI blog awards would be great- no-one would win, or even be nominated. No winners, just losers, eating pringles found down the back of Phil’s sofa and playing the Withnail And I drinking game until hospitalisation. Bliss!

  17. Sharon says:

    Perhaps there could be a new category, MOBE; most oppressed blogger ever.
    Whingers only can be nominated.

  18. Surely you’d need the Catholic and Protestant NI Blog Awards separate?

    (As a matter of interest, what do they say on the news if someone who isn’t Catholic or Protestant is murdered there? It’s always either “A Catholic/Protestant”, as opposed to a person…

  19. Eddie says:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the 2010 Northern Irish Athiest Blog Awards.

  20. elly parker says:

    @Manuel – I gave those badges to Damien – however if he remembers it (quite late at night) I’m not sure.

    @All – Grannymar has been living in the North for a long time (since before I was born) but was originally from the South.

    Hardly think it matters where anyone came from / lives now as all blogs were judged on quality, consistency and interaction with commenters – who the person behind the blog was didn’t matter at all. And before anyone cries “Who are you to say that?” – I was a judge.

  21. mj says:

    We was robbed!!!!!!!! Robbed I tell ya!

    (and when have the facts made any difference)

  22. OK – I’m guilty of asking the “northern question” too … but quite innocently. Getting to Dublin is a big deal – a bit like the trip for the Limerick guys – all that barbed wire and tunnelling across the border! There’s even protection money collected from “toll booths” to safely travel down some of the stretches of road. Bandit country!

    Since we’re a smaller bunch, we tend to a couple of the other people nominated, making it more of a disappointment when they miss out. We read Slugger a lot more often than Irish Election!

    But I wasn’t suggesting any impropriety or bias … lots of respect for the judges and the time/effort they put in.

  23. Mick says:

    Why can’t we blame people from Cork… Dodgy geezers who hid large amounts of sterling in their compost bins at the bottom of their gardens…

    MOBE (Most Oppressed Bloggers Ever)…

    Just remember: “We haven’t gone away you know”!

  24. Mick says:

    Bugger Sharon go there before me…

  25. Northern Irish Blog Awards?

    Excellent idea! You can sing the Queen at yours, and we’ll start the Southern one with Ireland’s Call-Rates.

  26. Eolai says:

    I was someone who referred to Slugger not winning but I wasn’t sure about Year 1, so I put “I think” while I went and checked it, and then corrected it.

    It was a site spcific thing though, not a North thing. I’m not from the North.

  27. Grannymar says:

    31 years in Co Antrim and I’m still a blow-in, so I suppose I don’t really count.

    If Ellyboobs won an award, would she be a Ni blogger or a southern one?

  28. mj says:

    @Grannymar: would it matter? We’d still complain 🙂