Blogging will be slightly light

As I recover.

Meanwhile there’s this:
Damien pose

Loads and loads more here.

14 Responses to “Blogging will be slightly light”

  1. Adam says:

    The last page of that album is…erm… interesting.

  2. Green Ink says:

    I had a last minute thing and couldn’t go. I asked Mr Major to pass on my best. Hope you’d a great night and well done.

  3. Eolai says:

    Fair enough. Job well done. Madness that you do it, but thanks.

  4. fústar says:

    Congrats. Best/Funnest one yet.

  5. Dave. says:

    Great night. Enjoy the rest.

  6. You deserve a major break. How about Mr. Barefoot’s place in Malta for a week?

  7. Anthony says:

    😆 Great photo. Looks like a great night was had.

  8. Aw, thanks for a great night, it was the business. And you looked super-hot in your pinstripe jacket.

  9. Darren says:

    Congratulations and thank you for a surprisingly fun night! I’m a blogging convert. I have met some of the funniest most interesting people and, for this, I thank you.

  10. Le Catch says:


    Great night and well done on all your efforts!

  11. Johnny says:

    Might night – music on the way.

  12. Sabrina says:

    You did a champion job, Damien. Have a good rest on your well deserved laurels there. Thanks for the opportunity and the great night!

  13. 73man says:

    Thanks for putting on such a good show. Was good to meert the faces behind the vitriol!

  14. Hangar Queen says:

    Soooper job.Take a few hours off now before starting work on the 09 effort.

    ‘Tis a Queenly order.