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Improv Grand Central Freeze

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Well edited video too

Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo! – Rapid reaction

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Twitter breaking the news as usual and the reactions

crap… I loved flickr and

A friend on IM:bugger i like yahoo

If Microsoft buys Yahoo, I’m rolling my own and probably switching off of Flickr.

@marcusmacinnes Must be grinning from ear to ear

true, but yahoo really needs this, it’s really struggling to attract young users, e.g. search and mail, I never see yahoo at work

Mega mergers rarely succeed with the final entity being less than the sum of the parts

great buy and great timing for MSFT but i am going to buy more GOOG when it opens down big this am

SuperGorm – Chuck Norrising John Gormley?

Friday, February 1st, 2008

SoggyJazzBiscuit has another fun idea, blogging about John Gormley and John Gormley facts:

John Gormley doesn’t blog: he looks in the direction of the internet and it writes for him

In the main photo at the top of his blag, John Gormley is shown standing beside a river. What’s not obvious to the layman is that the river is diverting itself around Gormley out of respect.

Chuck Norris, Paul O’Connell, now John Gormley?

Maybe that’s why John wears sandals? *bigvoice* Sandals of steel. *bigvoice*(Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, recycled, not tested on animals, organic steel) No shoes can take the punishment from SuperGorm, y’see. Thus the sandals.

Another fact: John, er SuperGorm has his SuperRothar because no ministerial car is needed as the road moves backward out of fear.

Anyone else able to summon up Gormley facts? I’m useless at this.

Dept of Environment logo

I do like the new Department of Environment logo though. Are they leeches used in homeopathic healing techniques or are they lentils?

● Fluffy Links – Friday February the 1stest 2008

Friday, February 1st, 2008


Fluffy badges are now all gone. eBay might see these rare gems show up I suppose. Other badges might be on the way though but not fluffy ones.

Jazz Biscuit has some Scientology in Ireland stuff.

It seems when you Google for “Fine Gael Broadband”, you get this blog. No wonder FG TD and spokesperson on Communications Simon Coveney left a comment.

Shane Torturegarden goes to UCC. I already like his work but nice to see a fellow UCC student blog.

Finger puppets.

Mick might as well guest fluffy here. He sent this: spEak You’re bRanes

All the comments quoted were found on the BBC “Have Your Say” site. Yes, people really have written them. On purpose as far as I can tell.

An airplane on a conveyor belt DOES take off.

Jaffa cake Ice Cream.

I might head over to the Personal Democracy Forum conference. If I’m not campaigning for Hilama.

Via MetafilterDon’t fuck with Chuck. Bronson, that is:

Via Shane is this gem. Samantha Fox but but on the Jim’ll Fix it show. For those under 25, I won’t explain. 🙂