Lying Ryan – Eamon Ryan flat out lies on Morning Ireland about broadband

Eamon Ryan, Minister for Communications, Energy, Natural Resources, fabulous hair, good skin and barefaced lies was on Morning Ireland talking about Internet safety but the topic will always get into broadband at some stage and it did. And he lied. A lot. Audio here.

In a conversation about Internet safety he says of Ireland:
At 1.19 in that we are Leading online shoppers in the world.

Then it turned to broadband at 3.30
On the National Broadband Scheme 4.20 Rolling out from June. National Broadband Scheme.
On the International Broadband Advisoy Forum, he says local users contribute too?: 5.00 You want to hear from International experts but secondly you want to hear from the main users
On broadband in general: 5.18 “We are actually leading the world in terms of wireless and mobile connections in broadband”
On Northern Ireland and broadband: 5.39 “In many instances I think we’re actually ahead”

Anyways, back to Internet Safety. The Minister bullshitted on that too and about secure websites. Er, mate, this is your own website from February 6th, when it was you know, hacked: Eamon Ryan website hacked

7 Responses to “Lying Ryan – Eamon Ryan flat out lies on Morning Ireland about broadband”

  1. Keith says:

    I heard the interview too. Couldn’t believe some of the stuff he was coming out with. When you can get broadband in every home/business in the country, we’ll be level with (not ahead of) Northern Ireland. Until then, we’re behind them. Way behind.

    (Morning Ireland link is broken, btw)

  2. Evert Bopp says:

    Read the first good article on broadband in Ireland in yesterdays Sunday Times. It’s Sarah Carey’s column on page 18, read it, it’s on the money…

  3. John says:

    Ah ffs, we’re not back in lala land again. For the last 10 years I’ve thought thought that the new minister could not possibly be worse than the last and for the last 10 years each and every time they have.

    At this stage bosco would be a better option.


  4. barry says:

    Sarah’s article is fine, great, ticks all the boxes, etc., we all know that, BUT, who the f will read it and act on it where it matters??

    When we had Ireland Offline we had a mouthpiece…, what have we?

    Bye, Barry

  5. Damien says:

    “We” are sitting on our asses and just moaning. Big wide vacuum there for another group.

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