● Fluffy Links – Monday February 11th 2008


Fluffy eyes, cats and now dogs.

Very very very cool Firefox plugin. It tells you the previous prices of property on Daft.ie and myHome.ie

Joe Lennon’s guide to getting TV and TV programmes online.

Check out this Boards.ie thread where a Digiweb employee goes to great lengths to spread FUD instead of a) either staying out of the thread on speed increases or b) giving an honest answer. The original poster asked if Digiweb would increase speeds now that eircom did and the Digiweb employee started laying it on heavy on why people should be grateful to what Digiweb give them. Of course this isn’t rare with this particular Digiweb employee who is over-aggressive with anyone that doesn’t kiss Digiweb’s ass.

Only read on a full stomach! Another great foodie blog. Eater’s Regret.

Richard Delevan now lives over on his own dotcom. Say hello or something.

This is great. To celebrate the birthday of his blog/website, Neil Gaiman is asking his readers to choose one of his books and he’ll release it for free online.

I like this idea. The page 99 test. Open any book on page 99, if it reads well, then it is worth buying.

Low flying helicopters. Very low.

The Pogues – Rainy Night in Soho

The special one is now on Setanta Sports. They started off a bit meh and have been hit and miss since but I like this one:

One Response to “● Fluffy Links – Monday February 11th 2008”

  1. robert says:

    If anyone is curious about the low flying helicopters, they are French and most of the footage would have been shot in Chad so some of our own Irish soldiers will be getting joyrides from them soon.

    If you thought the helicopter pilots are insane then you should see the fighter pilots. Search YouTube for “French Mirage Chad”

    Crazy stuff.