Want to advertise on your Irish blog?

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I’m getting more and more requests from individual companies and advertising networks about advertising on blogs or sponsoring blogs. Instead of forwarding on the emails to bloggers or pointing the advertisers to a few blogs that might interest them, I thought I’d compile a database of bloggers who are interested in running adverts on their blogs or doing sponsorship on their blogs. I’m not a fan myself of ads on personal blogs but that’s just me.

If you want to be listed as a blogger interested in talking to advertisers then go fill in this form. I’ll also put a page together listing blogs that are interested in advertising. Every part of the form is mandatory and if you want to be listed you have to be willing to share your traffic statistics of your blog.

8 Responses to “Want to advertise on your Irish blog?”

  1. squid says:

    Excellent idea, filled out the form just now. While I can understand that aversion to adverts on blogs you have, I have found that running my own site can be costly, between hosting and paying for news material.

  2. Niall O'K says:

    I have to agree with you Damien in that I’m not too keen on putting ads on my personal blog (I’ve a small Google ad there at the moment, but I think I’ll remove it) because it’s just that – personal – not business.

    Other (non “personal”) blogs that I run, though – no problem 😉

  3. Cian says:

    I’ve also been getting quite a few ad and link exchange requests lately, but most look spamish and are treated that way.

  4. emm says:

    “Agreement to run public statcounter statistics for your blog or insert code for a cross-network traffic analyzer”

    Your having a laugh right ?

  5. Damien says:

    @emm You do realise I can see who you are based on your past visits?

  6. Paul Walsh says:

    Please, for the love of God, don’t put advertising on your blog. You will not make enough money to make up for the dreadful user experience. I hate blogs with advertising – especially Google ads. We come to expect it on professional blogs (media Web sites).

    Don’t bother Damien – just tell everyone it’s a bad idea and that they won’t make money from it. I get asked the same question quiet often 🙂

  7. This morning, while going through my reader, I stumbled across this post. Between Damien’s post and the comments (all from excellent bloggers) I finally got the courage to now do what needed to be done… and what I secretly wanted to do! As of today I have removed all google ads from my blog and happy days!… I think the blog looks much better now, so many thanks Damien and everyone who commented… Makes for sound advice!

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