Skype Slapped

Nice dig at Skype by outgoing eBay CEO Meg Whitman

Skype is doing more business as a four-year-old than eBay, Yahoo, or even Google did. We saw potential synergies between Skype and eBay. The next year or so will prove out if we were right. We’ve only had our management team in there for three months. Prior to that we had the founders, who are brave individuals, but were motivated by the earn-out.

Ah sure, there’s always Joost.

4 Responses to “Skype Slapped”

  1. Paul McClean says:

    Does anyone actually use Joost?

  2. nouns says:

    I tried it. The content was very poor, and as the article says, forcing people to watch ‘channels’ rather than do their own programming was a dumb move. Far too close to the traditional one-to-many broadcast model.

    I checked it again a few months ago and they didn’t seem to have done any new content deals.

  3. justin says:

    Yeah Joost is nightmare. The adverts are annoying and the content sucks. The image quality is average. You get the nearly the same with flash now-a-days. Whats left?

  4. Tom Young says:

    We’re missing the point, eBay is an over priced pup. If Skype was/is/can be making more money than eBay then let’s have an inquisition into the price? – Mediation – Intermediation – disintermediation. It’s really all about the middle man, or is it? 😉