Helvetica is on Google Video (not for long I would guess)

Helevetica, the documentary about a typeface is on Google Video right now. Go and load it up and watch. If you are into that sort of thing. It’s worth buying the genuine DVD by the way.

4 Responses to “Helvetica is on Google Video (not for long I would guess)”

  1. John Breslin says:

    Cool –

    It was shown in Galway last night, twice, because the first one sold out…

    Must watch.

  2. I got the second show. It was quite entertaining, not so much for the font itself but the collection of eccentric graphic designers interviewed.

  3. Damien B says:

    Watching it now while laying out some stuff. Guess which font I’m using!

  4. Cian says:

    …looks like it was taken off line already. Haven’t seen a bit of it to the end.

    For anybody in / into layout and design it’s an interisting film, but I at time it felt a bit too much like an advert for what is a product.

    It made me look up the difference between arial and helvetica, I’m still unsure. And here comes the student think to say… it did make me think about fonts more.