● Fluffy Links – Friday January 25th 2008


Update: The links to the Examiner articles I dug at this morning stopped working so I’ve now linked to the versions in the Examiner archive.

Free badges.

Via Una The Vast Picture Show. The blog of Paul Lynch who is the film reviewer for the Turbine.

Shame on Rick. His first album purchase was Bruce Willis! Mine was Guns N’Roses. I just know someone has Mr. Blobby though.

Julian is talking about a European Wine Blogger event. Nice.

Kieran is talking about the rising costs of ingredients for his business and whether they should go organic.

Via Mick: Jesus light switch.

This is one to watch. A restaurant review in a paper ends up with them getting done for libel. Appeal happening now.

Corrections Department x2
The Examiner did a baseless frontpage story about facebook costing Ireland 700Million quid in lost productivity. Think about the amount of people in a workplace that read the Examiner every day. Look at all that downtime. Ban the thing! Update: Old link is now dead, how odd.

The Examiner seems to think Google is now spinning off companies such as the DNA analysis company 23 and Me. Wake up gobsheens, 23 and Me has a Google founder as an investor and his missus as the owner. Not. A. Spinoff. (Old broken link)

Cutlery on the top of your pen.

Mitt Romney likes black people. Foshnizzle. Gowl.

Sons & Daughters – Gilt Complex

Not this Sons and Daughters:

9 Responses to “● Fluffy Links – Friday January 25th 2008”

  1. UnaRocks says:

    “Think about the amount of people in a workplace that read the Examiner every day. Look at all that downtime. Ban the thing!”


  2. Anthony says:

    Saw that Facebook story in the Herald yesterday. Complete bullshit. Excellent counter though. 🙂

    Read the story on 23andMe in Wired. Fascinating stuff.

  3. Kieran says:

    I saw the piece in the newspaper yesterday about the restaurant review court case, and it sent a cold shiver down my spine. I can’t believe more isn’t being made of it, because the repercussions are enormous. If a negative review from a journalist is libellous, we are in serious trouble. Let’s hope the appeals judge has more sense.

  4. Rick says:

    Giant increase in comments? Mulley must have fluffied me again….

    Still no badge though….


  5. johnbillion says:

    Looks like both the Examiner articles have been pulled

  6. nouns says:

    Well done to the Examiner for giving GSS free front page ad space. No byline either …

    Also, “MySpace is aimed at the over 35s”!

  7. […] Rick O’Shea’s first album purchase was one by Bruce Willis? And Damien Mulley’s was one by Guns N’Roses? Wouldn’t worry … mine was either “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” (featuring […]

  8. Des says:

    My employer blocks facebook and bebo by default. No great issues there.

    However the facebook article was brought to my attention so I ran a report and noticed (again) that examiner.ie is responsible for a significant volume of our internet traffic.

    I doubt that they will mention that…