● Fluffy Links – Thursday January 24th 2008


Boobies, breasts, hooters, titties, baps and all the rest. Sabrina has a new campaign site called Two Tits and a Vote. Nope, it’s not Bertie v Enda all over again. Blurb:

Two Tits and a Vote is an opportunity for women to leverage their political power, lobby for change across critical issues in Ireland, and make sure our voices are hear

Play Twenty’s game. Read all the comments. That’s creativity!

TechLudd (they’re riding on the fame of the crap name) has reached 90 registrations. Biggest tech networking event outside of a conference thus far? Ooops, it’s now gone 2.0 on us. Woo!

Win an iPod Touch from Segala. By calling them names or something. 🙂

Via James. Collaborative map of free Wifi hotspots in Ireland.

Free business docs from Cork Open Coffee.

Baby Cheeses. Oh my.

So it seems a traffic stop and if you have your iPhone, will mean police can check your web history? That can’t happen here, right?

For the moleskin users out there.

WordPress just got a truckload of money. NYTimes is now an investor!

What privacy?

House of fun:

My Girl:

13 Responses to “● Fluffy Links – Thursday January 24th 2008”

  1. Hitler says:

    I’m in!

    Oh, wait…

  2. Cheers Damien, loads of new hotspots coming in since you, Conor and MJ pointed to it. We’re now heading towards 70.

  3. Adam says:

    Another article that tries to grab attention by warning of the dangers of an iPhone, only to quickly conceed that the same “danger” applies to any device you carry with you in your car be it phone, PDA, mp3 player or laptop.


  4. 73man says:

    @ those who want a men’s anatomically-related pressure group name?


  5. Yay, Madness, haven’t listened to those for years. Ah, the memories 🙂

  6. roosta says:

    @ those who want a men’s anatomically-related pressure group name?


  7. […] Posted by admin on 25 Jan 2008 at 01:34 am | Tagged as: Uncategorized, eejit.., Equality I’m sick and tired of men. I’ve had enough of their whining and this does not apply to John Waters. (But I bet he gets in on the act too!) Why when responding to the announcement of a campaign to encourage people (of all genders) to campaign for women’s health care and in particular access to better breast care services do some of the lads pop up with the oh so funny‘ why not ‘twoballsandavote.com’ […]

  8. roosta says:

    I didnt say “why not”

  9. Maman Poulet says:

    Corrected in it’s full glory 😉

  10. roosta says:

    Thank you, flippancy still deserves accuracy.