iPhone iPhone iPhone Lynch Lynch Lynch

So David Lynch bitches about movies being played on phones.

So I videoed the clip being played on my iPhone.

And then someone videoed my clip being played on their iPhone:

Update: And then I played the above on my iPhone and filmed it again:

11 Responses to “iPhone iPhone iPhone Lynch Lynch Lynch”

  1. fústar says:

    Still would like to know where this comes from so I could see the whole segment in context. It’s NOT on my R1 DVD of Inland Empire by the way.

  2. Damien says:

    Oh yeah, was meant to get back on that. Someone took these clips from the extras and added the iPhone music to it and made it a clip.

  3. fústar says:

    But the clip itself ain’t on the extras in any shape or form! I checked.

    I guessed the iPhone bit was an addition!

    OOps. I notice I said R1 dvd above. I meant R2. It could be on the R1 extras for all I know,

  4. wheatln2 says:

    This post is the essence of post modern media consumption!

    And the original clip came from the Region 1 DVD, out in America since August, interesting that it took so long to surface spoofilly speaking.

  5. Alexia says:

    Too much time on your hands… Take up painting or dog shaving

  6. frankp says:

    But old Lynchy boy has a point doesn’t he? I mean, I don’t want to stop anyone watchin gfilms that way – I have an iPod Touch myself and watch stuff on it, but there are many many films I would not watch on the Touch – at least not for the first time… or do you really disagree?

  7. fústar says:

    Thought it might be the region 1 DVD.

    As for frankp’s question, I cut and paste what I said before:

    “I personally only enjoy watching films when the circumstances are right. That means a dark room, peace and quiet, a decent sized screen (TV is fine), decent sound, and a comfortable seat. That’s just me. I like that cosy, closeted intimacy.

    You just don’t get that experience with an iPhone. You may get another type of (casual) experience but it’s not (at least for me and, it seems, David Lynch) the same.”

    So…yes. He does have a point!

  8. roosta says:

    Ha….David himself would like that. Odd.

  9. To understand recursion you must first understand recursion.

    Now where’s my dancing midget and slice of cherry pie?

  10. Anthony says:

    It’s the recursive video of the apocalypse.

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